Nos espaces à louer à Bruxelles

Surface m2DeboutAssisThéâtreCapacité
L’atelier158m2 + 40m260604060Voir
4 Online Studios4 x 41m230151530Voir
L’atelier158m2 + 40m2606040
4 Online Studios4 x 41m2301515

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In Neder-Over-Heembeek , left bank of the outer port of Brussels, there was a brewery. More than two hundred people worked there and produced water, lemonade, beer and malt. Due to a lack of sufficient water supplied by the Marly spring, the activity was interrupted thirty years ago. For twenty years, part of the building was left abandoned while a printing company set up its offices and machines in the lower part of the brewery. It took ten years for the two young owners, active in the packaging and transport of works of art, to make an abandoned building a setting worthy of receiving the most beautiful works of art from their clients.

The result ? A large, magnificent place which combines concrete, brick and steel and which leaves no one indifferent as it is so beautiful and has soul.  Probably too much to store works of art there, however beautiful they may be… From this observation was born the idea of ​​changing plans and making this old factory a space for exhibitions and cultural exchanges with a strong character. This is where the story of the Silo begins. Success is there, high quality events follow one another and the story is only just beginning because coming to the Silo means living a real experience with your colleagues, employees, customers or prospects… It is contributing to strengthen bonds and relationships between people. The Silo team is committed, with you, to thinking and working on this dynamic and ensuring that your event has an impact over time!


av Meudonstraat, 54
1120 Brussels