Your eco-friendly event at SILO

The green party is here!

LED lighting : We have replaced all the traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which significantly reduces our energy consumption.

Optimising lighting : Our lighting systems are equipped with motion detectors for intelligent light management, ensuring that light is used only when necessary, contributing to substantial energy savings.

Eco-responsible heating : Our new heating system is divided into zones, which allows us to heat in a targeted way, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.

Solar energy : We also use a clean energy source thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs, generating renewable electricity.

Waste sorting : Waste sorting bins are available, encouraging our visitors and partners to take an active part in recycling.

Reducing waste : We are actively pursuing our goal of ‘zero single-use plastic’ and reducing waste at every stage of our operations.

Sustainable Partners : Le Silo works exclusively with partners committed to sustainable practices, in particular eco-responsible caterers favouring local and seasonal products.

Ecological water management : We use spring water to flush our toilets, reducing our dependence on drinking water and preserving this precious resource.

Water-saving devices : Our cleaning machines are designed to use water efficiently, helping to preserve this essential resource.

Eco-friendly cleaning products : We use certified ecological cleaning products, ensuring a healthy indoor environment that respects the planet.

Use of recycled materials : Toilet paper is made from recycled materials, reducing demand on natural resources.

Waste reduction : We encourage the use of reusable crockery to avoid disposable plastic and cardboard, and we favour efficient hand-drying systems to reduce the use of paper towels.

Commitment to sustainability : All our partners hold sustainability labels, demonstrating their commitment to responsible business practices.

Labels underway : Silo Brussels is actively pursuing new sustainable certifications, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Supporting urban biodiversity : As part of our efforts to protect nature, we have installed beehives on our roofs, promoting local pollination and the preservation of bees. We have also created areas that are welcoming to swallows, helping them to return to our region.

Sustainable mobility : Our strategic location near the Brussels Ring road means that the city centre is less congested, helping to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the city’s traffic jams. We also use electric vehicles to minimise our environmental impact.

Community involvement : we actively support local projects, in particular by providing space for young artists and organising events that benefit the local community.


av Meudonstraat, 54
1120 Brussels